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Nick Jans announces the release of The Glacier Wolf – June 2009

If you like true tales of Alaska adventure and everyday life,  or stories of people and wild animals connecting, you’ll love The Glacier Wolf.

$22.95 | Hard cover | 186 pages

Follow award-winning Alaska writer Nick Jans on a journey through Southeast Alaska--a place where bears and wolves wander through back yards; rainfall is measured in feet instead of inches; and social protest takes the form of a 90-mile swim. Crafted in vivid, lyrical prose, these 26 true stories combine high adventure, humor, and moments of poignant insight.

Sample quotes: 

“Here was a wild wolf on the edge of suburbia—a remarkable situation in itself, even by Alaska standards. But I had no way of knowing, over the next months and years, how strange this tale would turn.”
                                                   —from “The Glacier Wolf,” p. 13

“HEY BEAR! I put my lungs behind it, but he didn’t even twitch. From what I could make out, he was facing me, stiff legged, head held low—not good.”

                                                   —from “Bearanoia,” p.19

“In the glowing stillness of that afternoon, the flat sea and close-leaning mountains forming a sounding-board, the explosive sigh of so many whales breathing—Huuuunnnhh....Aaaaahhhhh...Ooohaaaa—vibrated in the air, overlapping like strange breaking waves.” 
                                                   —from “Breathing,” p. 59




The Author talks about his latest book

The Glacier Wolf (published June 2009) marks an exciting new direction for me—my first venture into self-publishing. At the same time, it’s a return to my roots; it’s my first collection of personal essays since Tracks of The Unseen in 2000. The entire book is set in the rain forests and tidal fiords of Southeast Alaska, where I’ve lived for the past 10 of my 30 Alaska years. While it’s certainly a chronicle of personal discovery, it’s also the story of this mountain-and-glacier-rimmed seascape, and the wildlife and people that make their homes here. In the end, it’s not my story, but theirs. 

Anyone familiar with my long-running column in Alaska Magazine, On the Edge, will recognize most of these stories. But many appear in longer form here, free to breathe without the limits of magazine space. And all have run through countless edits, tweaks, and additions, some over a period of years. I’d be at them still if I hadn’t had to meet my own deadline to get the manuscript off to the printer! 

Readers of my first three books will feel right at home with Glacier Wolf. While you can open to any page and read the stories in any order, I put a great deal of effort into creating a flow with a sense of beginning, middle, and end. The truly remarkable story of Romeo, Juneau’s “celebrity” black wolf, is the central strand around which the rest of the book is woven. Stories of wildlife encounters combine you-are-there personal experience with informative natural history; some pieces feature my wife, Sherrie, and her ability to bond with injured or orphan wild creatures, from hummingbirds to minks. Of course, tales of adventure and wilderness travel are here, along with  pieces that describe the flavor of everyday life. The tone from piece to piece, and sometimes line to line, varies from humorous to thoughtful to heartfelt.    

What’s the audience I envision for The Glacier Wolf? Well, longtime Alaskans to first-time visitors; armchair or wilderness travelers; animal lovers; and folks who just love a good story told in a conversational, reader-friendly, yet carefully crafted voice. As a writer, my satisfaction comes from connecting with my audience, and sharing my experiences with them. I hope you’ll come along for this journey, trotting along with The Glacier Wolf.

Sincerely, Nick Jans   


Ordering Information

This first limited edition is 186 pages, full color hard cover with top-quality 50-weight paper and sewn binding, printed proudly in the U.S.A. It’s available only from selected Alaska bookstores, and direct from the author. Personalized, signed copies are 22.95 plus $3.00 packing and shipping  (total, 25.95,) anywhere in the U.S. Online Credit Card payments accepted through PayPal; personal checks can be sent via U.S. mail, made out to Nick Jans. Address: Arctic Images, 2471 Scott Drive, Juneau, AK 99801.

If you would like a special message included in your personalized copy, please send your information via the email listed below.

Please inquire for wholesale prices.

Contact Nick Jans:
Arctic Images, 2471 Scott Drive, Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 789-4164 nick.jans@yahoo.com



For More Information About Wolves,
visit to Wolf Song of Alaska at www.wolfsongalaska.org




Note Cards

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Caribou Skull  |  $2.00

Jeremy at Forty Below  |  $2.00

The Land's Breathing  |  $2.00

September Light  |  $2.00

Arctic Wolf  |  $2.00

Wolf Tracks  |  $2.00

The Grizzley Maze  |  $24





Nick Jans

Nick Jans is one of Alaska’s most recognized and prolific writers. A contributing editor to Alaska Magazine and a member of USA Today’s board of editorial contributors, he’s written 9 books and hundreds of magazine articles, and contributed to many anthologies. His range includes poetry, short fiction, literary essays, natural history, outdoor adventure, fishing, and political commentary. In addition, Jans is a professional nature photographer, specializing in wildlife and landscapes in remote locations. He has been the recipient of numerous writing awards, most recently the co-winner of two Ben Franklin Medals (2007 and 2008) and a Rasmuson Foundation artist grant (2009). He currently lives in Juneau with his wife, Sherrie, and travels widely in Alaska. He returns each year to Ambler, the arctic Inupiaq Eskimo village in which he lived for 20 years, and the place he still calls “home.” 

Books By Nick Jans
The Last Light Breaking (1993)
A Place Beyond (1996)
Tracks of the Unseen (2000)
Alaska (with photographer Art Wolfe) (2000)
The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell’s Fatal Obsession With Alaskan Bears (2005)
Tracy Arm (with photographer Mark Kelley) (2006)
Alaska: A Photographic Excursion (with photographer Mark Kelley) (2007)
Black Bears of the Mendenhall Glacier (with photographer Mark Kelley) (2008)
The Glacier Wolf (2009)

Books in Progress/Future Projects
Nakolik  (A literary novel set in contemporary Native bush Alaska. Estimated release: 2011)
Losing Alaska (a nonfiction exploration of the vectors of development and change converging on America’s last wilderness. Estimated release: 2012.)
The Giant’s Hand (a collection of literary adventure, natural history, and lifestyle essays set in arctic Alaska. Estimated release: 2012)



Contact Nick Jans

Nick Jans, Arctic Images,
2471 Scott Drive
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 789-4164